Nature is an ecoterrorist!

Guidelines for Commenting

There are a few basic requirements you need to hold by when you comment here, and I am going to lay them out briefly. These are things that if you do not agree with and want to argue with them, you need to go educate yourself—I am not going to explain from the ground up just why and how you are wrong. Any comments trying to argue this will be straight-up deleted; this blog is not a stomping ground for MRAs or anti-vegan trolls.

1. You will not argue that women have held significant social, political or economic power over the past 2,000+ years, barring specific examples.

2. You will not argue any “justs.” If you dare post a comment with any reference to humans not being animals, how comparing animals to humans is offensive to humans, or how “they’re just,” you warrant an insta-ban.

3. You will behave respectfully. Snark is minimally okay; genuine anger is better. Not calling someone names doesn’t score you points with me if you’re clearly thinking them as hard as you can. Oh, and I am the judge of that, not you.

4. You will realize why Western concepts of “pure logic” are not the best thing evar, and are actually quite oppressive.

5. You will not argue stupid shit on my blog. If I can’t understand your point after sleeping on it for a few days, it’s going to the trash bin.

6. You will understand that evopsych is a bunch of crap—barring the assertion that humans like fruit, because of evolution.

7. You will not linkspam me or anyone else; it’s a form of intimidation and you damn well know it. You will do the respectful thing and give a short summary of what point of yours the link supports.

8. You will not ask any form of “What about the men?”

9. You will pet the kitty. Nice kitty. Praise the kitty.

10. I reserve the right to delete your comment at any time if I find that it puts my ocular nerves at risk of straining.

Other than that, I try not to bite—I just have limited patience for things I have heard over, and over, and goddamn over again. Email me at saijackalopesai NOSPAM at gmail dot com.


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