Nature is an ecoterrorist!

I don’t feel like writing anything about Valentines. Here, have some posts so you can read other people doing it better and more enthusiastically than I would.

We got some crazy retro valentines over at Sociological Images, proving that “loving violence” has a long-ass history in the U.S.: Shifting Cultural Sensibilities and Valentine’s Pleas.

Andrea Grimes writes in at Heartless Doll about an article in the Weekly Standard about how y’all are just giant hobags. Feminism has turned women into giant sluts—and we love every minute of it!

I just found this blog, and while it seems to be abandoned, there are still some damn good posts on it. Go read up on SDS Womyn’s Caucus Blog.

Elizabeth Carnell’s poem (poem, right?) entitled Steinem finds ‘truth’ behind Valentine’s Day love fools is sooo romantic.

On the lulzy not-related-to-Valentine’s side, I’ve found the manual that the sex pox fun-fems have been using—from the Onion, no less! How Can I Use Feminism To My Advantage?

On the other hand, Sofia Quintero has written a thought-provoking article on The Spirit of Love and Resistence Behind St. Valentine’s Day. I’m not entirely sure if that negates the whole “marriage is a transfer of breeding property” thing, though.

And let’s not forget Sarah Haskin’s Target Women, because here she is talking about… CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!1

(IMO, carob rocks way harder. Mmm, tasty.)

Oh, and one last thing. Get on your lollerskates, kids, because we’re goin’ for a ride! Valentine’s Day Boycott Led By Male Empowerment Author. I’ll let you read it on your own, but I just want to take on one little thing:

What’s the male version of feminism? Masculism? Manism?

That would be, uh, feminism, good sir.


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