Nature is an ecoterrorist!

I definitely needed to do a further post on this, because it’s fucking ridiculous. This was on page seven.

Lions and hyenas and humans don’t have a ruminant’s digestive system. Literally from our teeth to our rectums we are designed for meat. We have no mechanism to digest cellulose.

Oh for the love of—

1. Anyone who cannot distinguish major gastrointestinal differences between lions and humans is not qualified to talk about eating, ever. Let’s see.

Cats: Sharp
Humans: Blunt
Eyes are drawn to—
Cats: Movement
Humans: Color
Visual color palette is—
Cats: Partial (red-green blind)
Humans: RBGY
Tastebuds are geared towards—
Cats: Amino acids
Humans: Carbohydrates
Saliva enzymes primarily begin digesting—
Cats: Protein
Humans: Carbohydrates
Innate biological weaponry, i.e. claws—
Cats: Yes
Humans: lmao
Stomach pH is—
Cats: Very acidic
Humans: Slightly acidic
Small intestines are shaped like—
Cats: Short smooth tubes
Humans: Long, pocketed mazes
Salivates at the sight/idea of digging into fresh, raw roadkill—
Cats: Yes
Humans: No
Can ketosis be induced by too few carbohydrates—
Cats: No
Humans: Yes

Yeah, that’s just the beginning too. I would have done another comparison with a certain species of lemur since many of them have a similar gastrointestinal structure and environment, but honestly humans just don’t care that much about lemurs so there’s not much information.

2. Plenty of animals can’t digest cellulose who also aren’t carnivores. Let’s start with bonobos and lemurs. And parrots. And many other species of birds. And… well, basically every species of animal that doesn’t eat grasses and tough vegetables but also doesn’t even primarily eat meat.

Keith is either showing that she fundamentally does not understand the world and the way it works—she honestly believes that if you can’t digest cellulose that you must be a carnivore—or she is deliberately lying.

No, really. Is Keith stupid enough to have missed the existence of carbohydrates in researching this book, or to believe that carbohydrates are cellulose? Because I am scratching my head over what on Earth is going on here. I am not quite able to believe that she is ignorant of an entire segment of energy-giving macronutrients, but I’m also really afraid that she is that uninformed. She did eat primarily or only brown rice and soy while “vegan,” after all.

And I looked at her citation for the claim that “from our teeth to our rectums we are designed for meat,” too—it’s listed simply as “Stout.” Where I come from, this isn’t acceptable citing practice—you must cite your source and page/issue/volume number right there in the fucking endnotes, because otherwise there’s too much confusion. So I went to the bibliography, which is listed separately, to find “Stout.”

… That citation is The Ruth Stout No-Work Garden Book by Ruth Stout, published in 1971. I wouldn’t accept that shit from my little brother—I’m not taking it from some ex-halfassitarian.

I actually went and looked it up on Google Books and, while it’s not available, I still searched for two keywords: “cellulose” and “meat,” based on the idea that Ruth Stout wouldn’t have put the word “rectum” in a gardening book aimed at the Frauletariat, especially in ’71.

Only one reference to “meat” showed up, on page 39—the sentence is presumably about compost and reads, “Kitchen garbage, all except meat scraps, is perfect.”

This reminds me of a webpage by the Weston A. Price foundation of a similar title, actually—called “The Myths of Vegetarianism.” In it, the author, Stephen Byrnes, goes through the same basic arguments that Keith is here, sans the anti-agricultural one. It was posted on VeganFreaks and a user whose name I can’t quite remember spoke up and said she’d read one of the citations he listed in support of a diet of red meat being healthy—it was an article published in a veterinary journal. Why? Because it was on kittens, and how kittens thrived on red meat. Felines. Humans. No, sorry; that doesn’t work, especially since we share basically no gastrointestinal similarities except that we have them.

We’d never have known if that vet hadn’t pointed it out.

Stephen Byrnes ate the diet the Weston A. Price Foundation encourages and which Lierre Keith encourages in this book. Lots of meat, eggs, dairy, with little to no fruits and vegetables. You know what else is notable about Stephen Byrnes? He’s dead. He died of a fatal stroke before he even reached his 40th birthday.

This is a bad fucking sign for the credibility of this book, and it makes me angry. It wasn’t enough to fucking insult me and repeatedly tell me that I’m as stupid as society thinks children are, that I’m just as pathetic as she continues to portray herself as being. Lierre Keith had to fucking assume I was gullible, too—that I would fall for this kind of bullshit. But of course. She believes so fucking completely that vegans are ignorant, gullible little idealistic buffoons—she was, she tells us—why wouldn’t she treat me like that?

Keith is like every other goddamn Fallon groupie in the world: intellectually and interpersonally lazy and dishonest. She never expected her readers to check her citations and it doesn’t matter whether it’s because she assumes everyone’s as “faith-based” and unintelligently incurious as she is or whatever; she just blatantly demonstrated a total lack of respect for her readers.


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