Nature is an ecoterrorist!


Savage Rabbit is a genderqueer writer currently living in Midwest U.S. wastelands—between the cities and the wilderness (which, unfortunately, means that both are unreasonable, though the wilderness is definitely closer). Having been there, Savage Rabbit identifies as an anarcho-primitivist, into which veganism, anti-racism, anti-capitalism, anti-pornography, radical feminism, unschooling and polyamory fit quite neatly. Zie wishes to remind zeir readers that nature is demonized for a reason, and to never believe anything you hear from those benefiting from your continued complacency.

One of Savage Rabbit’s favorite subjects is that of “intelligence,” having come far enough from the patriarchal/intellectualist “quantity intelligence” ideal that it’s come into focus and looks patently ridiculous. Other subjects involve any number of the aforementioned labels, probably in combination (since when was anything real ever simple?). Zeir hobbies include cooking, writing (really! breathing too?), drawing, hiking, backpack camping, indoor gardening and playing with cats. Among other things. Contrary to popular stereotype of radical feminists, Savage Rabbit is not a cat person. Zie is a rabbit person.

Another hobby of zeirs is constructing puns and double-entendres to see if anyone actually notices anything.

Ridiculous comments will be eaten if they are not funny, and if they are both ridiculous and trollish, they will be saved for later mocking by Savage Rabbit and readers. Readers are reminded, however, that due to the nature of the blog, nothing on Brave Lucky Game is trigger-safe. Please do not read if you are in an unsafe or fragile state.

Savage Rabbit apologizes for any perceived racism—you see, “savage” was once originally used for animals to indicate inferiority, and now it is being reclaimed. Additionally, “vicious rabbit” and “awesome rabbit” don’t have the same ring to it.

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