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This is a Rant Post

Just about done with “radical” men. I have never had the ridiculously invalidating experiences with radical women that I have with any male-bodied person who bothers to call themselves a “radical.” And yes, this is a rant post.

With most men, all I have to do when I call them out on their privilege is roll my eyes when they call me bitch! But any male-bodied person, once they get it into their heads that they’re “radical,” become about ten times worse. Every asshole and a half feels the need to tell me how I am ugly and angry and that’s why I’ll never get a man, but nothing even comes close to the fucking tantrum “radical” men throw when you point out something they don’t want to have pointed out.

You know, I’m still too pissed off about how it’s a part of male privilege to feel you get to decide how you are or are not privileged. Oh, sure, these “radical” men are willing to admit that they have white privilege and class privilege… maybe male privilege, too, if you’re lucky. But try pointing out that carnism is an integral part of Western privilege (which is to say, UK, US and AU), in addition to being oppression of non-human animals all on its own, and dude. Suddenly it’s all like, Oh ho! You dare call me privileged? I haven’t consented to that! You’re privileged! So there!

Even worse is when the twit completely misunderstands the basic concept of privilege and actually tries to tell you that all your ideas are privileged because, hey, guess what! Every idea from a person who lives in the West is privileged? Now isn’t that something? I guess all the feminists can all just pack up and go home—we’re privileged, you know: our ideas can’t be trusted. Funny how the “privilege” argument only works when it’s going to apply to a behavior they/i> want to continue.

And telling you he’s an ex-vegan is about as convincing as an MRA telling you how he used to be a feminist, but then he learned better. Gee. No conflict of interest there, Marge.

Men, seriously. GTFO until you’ve learned to take being called out gracefully—and actually look at your privilege in terms of your concrete behavior, instead of just, like, admitting you have it. Seriously, I have an ego the size of Mars and even I do it better than this.

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