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It’s a blog mention.

So I’d like to introduce you to a blog one of my friends is doing. Posting is scarce but still fun. Go read Coloring Outside the Lines right now and awesomeness will flow like water in the ocean.

Pile of Links, v. 1.0

I always try to build a library of resources and link-lovin’ for the generations that come thereafter. At least until we hit the critical mass point and then society will collapse, leaving humans basically stranded in a wasteland created by capitalism, carnism, and miscellaneous fuckuppery. Cheers! Also keep in mind the About page—this entire blog has a gigantic trigger-warning slapped all over it. The same follows for many of the links.

From Vegan Skeptic: Being Vegan is worse for the environment?

Via Vegan Feminist Agitator we have Another Disgruntled Alphabet for Vegans… And how!

Then there’s Feminism 101: Helpful Hints for Dudes, Part 3, where Time-Machine goes over rape jokes and why they are not acceptable.

Gwen Sharp over at Sociological Images provides a downright frightening example of whitewashing, sizewashing and basically pornwashing women: Gender, Race, and Virtual Model Options.

A guest post on Vegan Salt briefly gets at the difference between “doing all you can” and doing something: Why I’m Vegan, or, Why I’m Not Necessarily a Good Person, or, Making a Deal With the Devil: How to Get More Than a Pair of Socks in Exchange for Your Soul. (Personally, I don’t think the title is long enough.)

Unpopular Vegan Essays has up a post that isn’t easily summarized called On Ex-Vegans.

Just a blog mention this time: Raw on $10 a Day (or Less!) proves that you can have a satisfying, cheap, not-devoid-of-fat-by-any-means raw diet… with pictures!

Bob Caesa has put up a guest post entitled Monsanto: The evil corporation in your refrigerator at Vegan Princess.

Bryanna Clark Grogan has an interesting webpage I’ve been perusing about the soy scare. Does Susan Fallon really believe that you can’t even get pregnant while on a vegan diet… ? ‘Cause, uh, I think the “sleep eating” accusation is wearing a little thin now.

And before I move on to another topic, let’s also cover More Anti-Vegan Sentiment at The Veg Blog about the “vegan” parents who starved their baby to death by ignoring the little reminder at the bottom of the soymilk carton that it cannot be used as infant formula.

Media Girl is a fantastic blog I just found, and I’m reading through currently. Here’s one I really like: Cold-blooded Roe calculus. Also, have another goddamn link list to read through.

I also just found The Hand Mirror, an aussie feminist blog. Go read The minister for police and upholding rape culture.

Over at Maggie Hays’s old blog (new one here) there’s an excellent post by the name of Breaking the Chains of Patriarchy: A Short Story on Resistance to Masochism.

Feminist Students United! talks about rape culture, dismissal, and assorted fuckuppery in This is what rape culture looks like: an explanation.

This article from The Root about Rosa Parks is rather beautiful: Rosa Parks Had a Radical Side: Championing the Rights of Rape Victims. I like my heroes expansive.

And, finally in this meandering list of links, an old post from Angry for a Reason is entitled Rape and Survival.

Maybe not so much a carnival as it is a maze, but definitely go check these things out.

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