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Don’t Believe Everything Anything You Read (from Lierre Keith)

There are some pretty serious misconceptions surrounding Lierre Keith. One of these most egregious inaccuracies is unfortunately perpetuated by Keith herself: that she was vegan.

Not unless you believe that you can eat animal products every week or so and still be “vegan” for twenty years.

Durianrider says it much better than I could. The quotes come from interviews Lierre Keith has done, which can be downloaded over here.

The fact that Lierre Keith continues insisting she was vegan for twenty years cements the fact that she doesn’t know anything about veganism at all, and has never bothered to find out. So a reminder and a warning to anyone who would suggest you take Keith seriously on her claims: she wasn’t vegan. She can’t be an ex-vegan; it is a logical impossibility. I don’t believe people who tell me they’re vegetarian “between meals” any more than this.

Again. Lierre Keith was never vegan. She’s said so herself, though not in as many words. Given this atrocious lie, however, I’m also going to assert that Lierre Keith can’t be trusted on anything either because of malice or (far more likely) deliberate ignorance. Citations are a must because she clearly has no idea what she’s fighting against, and even less interest in looking for information that would reveal she’s wrong.

Are we all clear? Got it? Not vegan?

Okay. Let the games begin.

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